Laser Treatment for Urine Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a type of infection that affects the urinary tract and the bladder. It is a disease that is believed to be caused by other sideways affections and impacts such as weight gain and childbirth which does stretch the pelvic floor muscle. The pelvic muscles becomes loose and lesser strong to control and support the bladder. This pushes the vagina down, weakening the vaginal tightening such that muscles cannot close off the urethra and therefore causing incontinence (leaking of urine from the bladder) when extra pressure is exerted on the bladder by either coughing, sneezing, or exercising.


There are five types of urinary incontinence: urge incontinence, overflow incontinence, total incontinence, functional incontinence and anatomical incontinence.

incontinence treatment

Urge Incontinence mostly results when the bladder muscle contracts involuntarily and pumps urine out of the bladder. This type of urinary incontinence originates from the seizures in the brain’s electrical activity, Parkinson’s disease of the brain all the way down to emotional stress.


Overflow incontinence is sensational feeling of fullness of the urinary bladder that one experiences even after urination. Overflow incontinence results from infected nerves which cannot sense whenever the bladder is full. This condition is caused by other diseases affected the person such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, obesity, weakness and in the detrusor and medication side effects. It also comes as a result of blocked urinary tract and urinary tract tumor that causes the urethra become constricted. To avoid this type of incontinence, one can be subjected to a number of treatment methods which will tighten up the muscles and improve the urine flow from the bladder. One can use catheter tube to drain the urine out of the bladder at time intervals; catheter which is a thin tube is fitted in the urethra. Laser vaginal tightening can also be done to prevent any abnormal overgrowth around the vagina as a way to remove any obstructions. The doctors should also concentrate with the brain condition of the patient to maximize the result.


Total incontinence is another type of urinary incontinence which is a neurological infection that obstructs the bladder from emptying effectively. It is mostly caused by spinal cord injuries and nerve malfunction. In most women it is caused by vesicovaginal fistula. The incontinence can be cured by examining the spinal cord and treating the vesicovaginal problem.


Anatomical incontinence is another type of urinary incontinence which is congenital based. Uretevoginal fistula caused during birth causes continous discharge of urine. This urinary incontinence can therefore be treated by correcting the urinary tract immediately after mother’s give birth.


It is therefore into conclusion that best urinary incontinence laser treatment is more of prevention than cure.